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Open Client Concepts


Open Client is an application deployment method in which Java and AJAXAJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is used to create interactive web applications. Data is retrieved from the server asynchronously while the current page remains unmodified. technology is utilised to deploy all, or part of a PROIV application into a web browser. It has a zero installation footprint on a client workstation. Data is retrieved asynchronously from the server, enabling you to interact with web applications and perform actions, without having to wait for the pages to reload.


The Open Client installation process installs and deploys the Open Client WARWeb Application Archive (WAR) is a JAR file used to distribute JavaServer pages, servlets, Java classes, XML files and static web pages that make up a web application. (Web Application aRchive) file into a JettyJetty is a Java-based HTTP server and servlet container. Jetty is an open source project under the Apache 2.0 License. servlet container on your PROIV server. Click here to view an Open Client diagram, which describes the communication process between the web browser, Open Client servlet and the PROIV application server

Open Client Server

The Open Client Server is more than a simple web server, it is an application server. It behaves like a simple web server, but can also redirect HTTP requests for processing by a Java application. The Open Client is deployed in the web application server and this deployment consists of the Java classes and the resource files used by Open Client. The default Open Client installation installs in a Jetty application server. Alternatively, you can deploy the WAR file into a Tomcat servlet container if required.

Open Client Services

The Open Client Administration is a component of the PROIV Dashboard, which enables the creation of Open Client Services. (You can also access the PROIV Open Client from an option in the PROIV program folder.) An Open Client Service contains all of the settings required to connect to a PROIV application. It comprises connection protocol details and host settings. It also configures how the PROIV application is rendered in the browser. The Open Client Administration component is used by system administrators to set up connections details, which are sent to system users to enable them to access the application. General system users would not use this area to log onto Open Client applications, they would perhaps have a launch page created by their administrator, which contains connection details and made secure through the use of challenge responses.

Browser Usage

When PROIV applications are deployed in a browser via Open Client, do not use the browser's Back . Pressing the Back will take you to the page that called the Open Client Service, not the previous logical step in your application. Use the s that are rendered by the PROIV application to navigate through the application. However, you can use the browser's Refresh . This communicates with web server and information is sent through to repaint the page.


Open Client is a web application, and as such is subject to the same security standards as other web applications.

Session Inactivity

If the Open Client has not received any messages from the browser during a 30 minute period, the Open Client terminates the session.

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