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What is Change Management?

PROIV Change Management is an optional extension to PROIV Developer that facilitates a more disciplined and structured approach to the software development process. Change Management extends the PROIV development environment, provides source code control, revision control, build tracking and release management. It provides rich functionality to manage the software change process, whilst operating in a way that is minimally intrusive to the software developer. However, it is not a version control system, nor is it a repository of source code. You can link a maximum of 10 PROIV bootstrap folders/directories. The development cycle of coding, testing, QA and product release in PROIV Change Management is better controlled compared to manual processes.

There is no cross-server capability.

PROIV Object - Source code control

You can only modify the source code of a PROIV Object in the Change Management environment, when it is booked out. This extends PROIV Developer's booking and locking model. The objects which are currently opened for modifications are booked out by a developer. Booked out objects are automatically backed up, and audit log records are created. This process ensures that the objects are modified only for authorised changes. Also, you can retrieve the previous version of the source code, if required.

Change, Release and Migration Management

PROIV Change Management provides an integrated means of managing your software releases. The process starts with assigning the PROIV objects to a Change number. A change number can comprise of one or more PROIV objects. Further, you can approve the change and group all such changes into a release.

Whenever such an object is edited it is ‘booked out’ against a Change Number. Once assigned to a change number, the object cannot be subsequently unassigned. This is deliberate design. You cannot differentiate the versions of objects so even if an object is mistakenly opened for edit it will be subject to the migration process. If it is assigned to the wrong change number, you can reallocate using Change Management Administration.

PROIV Change Management helps you manage new releases of your application. You can assign an individual change number or more commonly groups of change numbers to the release. You can migrate the release from the current PROIV environment to next. Multiple environments are supported. Change Management controls the migration of changes between environments.


You can restrict the approval of change numbers and releases to particular Change Management users.


The following diagram helps you to understand the work flow of Change Management with a sample scenario:



The following sections describe PROIV Change Management in detail:

Section links:

Configuring Change Management introduces the developer's console.

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User security roles explains to manage the users with setting the privileges to the users.

Managing Changes explains the change numbers.

Managing Releases explains to manage the releases.

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