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PROIV Developer is an advanced development environment that allows you to rapidly build all aspects of business applications (including forms, reports and database updates), whether simple or complex, without recourse to 3rd Generation Languages.

PROIV Developer provides several different developer views, that allow you to quickly focus on a specific aspect of the function you are developing. For example: the Structure view gives you a complete, outline picture of all the cycles in the function, the Events view shows you all the available process points within a function and the Linkage view shows you all the functions that call, or are called by, the current function.

When you have opened a function for edit, the structure of that function is retained in memory for the current session. You can therefore execute other functions and then return to PROIV Developer with the same function and view presented; there is no need to re-select and reopen the function.

PROIV Developer provides source control in a multi-user environment. Before you can work on a function, you must book it out to an active project. You cannot work on a function that is already booked out to another user. PROIV Developer provides a booking audit history for all functions. Files, Global Logics and Tasks are also managed by this booking system.

The PROIV Developer toolbar is available from all developer views, so that backup/restore facilities and options to build and execute functions are only one click away.

Section links:

PROIV Development Basics offers a basic reference for people new to PROIV development.

The Application Development Process provides an overview of the PROIV development process.

PROIV User Interface Modes describes the PROIV user interface modes: GUI mode and Character mode.

Getting Started covers basic concepts and general procedures.

Files and Data covers file definition and variable definition.

Developing Functions covers the development features that are available in PROIV Developer when writing a PROIV function.

ActiveX covers the ActiveX Controls which are available to PROIV Developer.

Server-Side Objects covers how to set up and use Server-Side Objects (SSOs) in PROIV functions.

Forms Designer allows a developer to maintain the User Interface (UI) of an application.  It provides an interactive WYSIWYG design environment that accurately shows how an interface will look at run-time without the need to compile the function.

Tools describes the tools and utilities that are available to help you in the development process

System Administration provides information on setting up projects, developer groups and developer privilege levels.

Menus and Toolbars describes how to set up and use Menus and Toolbars.

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