PROIV Latest News

Important notices about the PROIV product and support.

22nd November 2023 - Autumn Update

Please listen to the PROIV Autumn Update Webinar below to get an insight into PROIV Version 12 and an update on Support.

30th October 2023 - PROIV Autumn 2023 Update

Please click here to register for our exciting PROIV Autumn 2023 update when we will be talking about:
  • New features coming with version 12 in December this year
  • Making the most of our support systems including exciting updates to our support website
  • Our content plans for Version 13 scheduled for May 2024

23rd June 2023 - V11 Webinar

Please listen to the V11 Launch Webinar below to get the very latest insight into PROIV Version 11.

14th April 2023 - Advance notice - PROIV Version 10.700 August Maintenance Release

PROIV Version 10.700 Maintenance Release scheduled for August 2023 will be updated to bundle Java 17. All the PROIV bundled SSOs have been updated to be compliant with Java17 as a consequence there have been a number of updates to both direct and transitive dependant jar files. If you have your own SSOs then you should take steps to migrate them to Java 17. If you would like advance sight of this release for migration and / or testing purposes then please contact PROIV support.

In line with the move to Java 17 there will be no release on Solaris.

3rd August 2022 - V10 Launch

23rd June 2022 - Revised On Premise Support Services

As communicated at the PROIV Version 10 launch on Tuesday 24th May, we have taken the opportunity to review and streamline our support levels to Gold and Bronze with the former now including telephony support. We've also updated the On Premise Support Services to make reference to PROIV Version 10. The revised On Premise Support Services document is available to download from the DOCUMENTATION page.

19th April 2022 - PROIV Version 9 End of Life notice

With the production release of PROIV Version 10, Zellis are today announcing the end of life schedule for PROIV Version 9. As of this date PROIV Version 9 begins a transition to end of life on the 30th April 2023. Up until this date Zellis will provide support and maintenance services on the Version 9 stream product. Existing contractual commitment will be honoured if they extend past this date. For further details and advance release notices for the PROIV Version 9 Autumn 2022 release please refer here

20th December 2021 - PROIV v9.75 Release for Apache Log4j 2 Vulnerability

PROIV v9.75 release available for download from PROIV Support Website for those customers on requisite support level. This addresses Log4j 2 vulnerability CVE-2021-45105.

17th December 2021 - PROIV v9.74 Release for Apache Log4j 2 Vulnerability

PROIV v9.74 release available for download from PROIV Support Website for those customers on requisite support level. This addresses Log4j 2 vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046.

13th December 2021 - Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

We are aware of the Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) and are working to assess any impact to Zellis services and to our customers. We are liaising directly with our technology partners, suppliers and security experts to ensure all points of vulnerability are identified and addressed.

We recommend customers concerned about this issue among their own systems refer to following websites as appropriate, and ensure they are running the latest version of Log4j2:

We will be providing a further update in due course.

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