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PROIV Bus and Tasks is the foundation of PROIV’s componentisation strategy. PROIV Bus and Tasks allows individual business functions within an existing or new PROIV application to be exposed as separate components that can be called by external third-party applications.

A PROIV Task is the mechanism used to identify individual business functions that are made callable by external applications. A PROIV Task is a business object wrapper that provides both a boundary within which the business function operates, as well as the interface definition of the business function to the outside world.

A PROIV Bus is an internal high speed, distributed channel that PROIV uses as a foundation for inter-process communication. The Bus is used, for example, to link the calling application to the PROIV Task that can be executed on the same machine or on another network node.

Most of the complexity of managing this distributed interface is shielded from the applications programmer and the end-user by a set of well-defined application programming interfaces (APIs), collectively known as P4API. P4API provides access to Bus services for a wide range of programming and execution environments including C/C++, OCX (COM), Java, and Visual Basic.

Using these interfaces, an applications programmer can easily integrate one or more PROIV Functions (defined in a Task Definition) into a native application written in any language that supports calling C compatible external functions, such as C, C++, or that supports calling OCX external function such as Java and Visual Basic. Once the Task is defined, a user of P4API can call the Task from any network node (subject to security constraints) and execute it.

The PROIV Kernel Manager is responsible for matching incoming Task requests from users of P4API to available PROIV Virtual Machine resources. The Kernel Manager also acts as a conduit for passing control and status information between kernel and requester.

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