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PROIV Aurora integrates the Aurora Framework a highly flexible application framework, with the power of PROIV to create a customisable browser-based desktop. This allows you to deploy PROIV applications in browser-based environment, and enables you to pull information and data feeds from multiple sources. Consequently, you can create a secure, easy to use workspace from which you can view RSS feeds, open and run PROIV applications and view different types of graphical information. PROIV Aurora enables you to easily set up all the information you need and access it from a customisable, intuitive workspace.


PROIV Aurora is based on the following cutting-edge technologies:

Web Browsers

To view the list of supported web browsers, refer to the latest PROIV Release Notes.

Viewing the Full Help System

To view the full Aurora online documentation, click the Help link.

To display or hide the Table of Contents, click the Display Table of Contents or Hide Display of Contents link.

Note: The Display Table of Contents or Hide Display of Contents links are not displayed in Firefox. To view the TOC links, right click on this page and select the This Frame option, select Open Frame in New Tab or Open Frame in New Window.

Viewing the Context-Sensitive Help

Following is the screenshot that explains how to view the PROIV Aurora context-sensitive Help.



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