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What is the PROIV Gateway?

The PROIV Gateway is a collection of servers (Bus Servers) that accept network connections from external applications and create a link to a PROIV application server so that the external application can access Tasks in the PROIV environment. The PROIV Gateway replaces the 'bus daemon' shipped with previous versions of PROIV.

The PROIV Gateway can handle multiple connection requests from external applications.

For each external connection request the gateway reads the configuration data, builds a connection to the specified PROIV application and creates the path linking the external application to the PROIV application.


The PROIV Gateway is a Java application and requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of version 8 or above.

Managing The Gateway

The PROIV Gateway is fully integrated into the Dashboard, which can be used by a system administrator to manage all aspects of its configuration. For example, the read_select_timeout parameter value can be fine-tuned for the PROIV Gateway. This sets the maximum wait time when the Gateway attempts to retrieve (read) data through NIO (Non-blocking I/O) data transfers before timing out and returning a 'Kernel not available' error message.

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